Leverage Data-Driven Marketing: Taking an Audience-led Approach to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Mar 27, 2023

Data-driven marketing is constantly evolving and expanding. As marketers, it can be a great challenge to adapt. Moreover, not many realise how data enables them the power of taking an audience-led approach to generate insight for better results. The thing is, marketers can utilise audience insights generated from their campaigns in creating targeted campaigns that resonate with the audience and drive results.

Why data-driven marketing? How does an audience-led approach work with it?

Data-driven marketing involves collecting and analysing data from various sources such as customer interactions, social media, website analytics and sales data to gain insights into audience behaviour, preferences and needs. Hence marketers can develop targeted campaigns and personalised messages that resonate with their target audience.

An audience-led approach in data-driven marketing refers to marketing efforts focused on the specific pain points, needs and preferences of the target audience. Hence it involves using data to help marketers better understand the audience’s behaviours, interests and demographics.

Additionally, marketers can optimise their marketing efforts by identifying which channels and strategies are most effective in driving conversions and ROI. This allows them to allocate their resources more efficiently and maximise their impact.

What are the values of taxonomy and personas?

Raw data need to go through a data management process to organise, categorise and classify before converting them into useful information. Taxonomy is a way to dissect audiences into groups based on shared characteristics in behavioural patterns and interests.

The process of taxonomy involves analysing data sources such as social media interactions and website analytics to create a detailed profile of the target audience. These profiles with homogeneous characteristics form a particular persona, which represents a group of people with similar demographic information, behavioural patterns, preferences and intents. It provides a more detailed understanding of the audience’s needs and motivations.

How AudSec can uncover more insights about your audience?

In the completion of an advertising campaign at Hotmob, marketers can learn from the taxonomy and persona of their audience who clicked through their ads and gain insights into the audience who are potentially interested in their brands, products or services. 

From the campaign audience analysis report generated by AudSec (Hotmob’s data-driven dashboard), marketers can compare the target audiences to the Hong Kong base. The following radar charts demonstrate the attribute classification of taxonomy and persona across several dimensions — the black dots indicate the distribution of the ad clickers (Target Audience) and the blue dots indicate the distribution of the entire user base of Hong Kong.

Chart Interpretation

Looking at the Taxonomy Analysis, the majority of ad clickers of the sportswear ad campaign seem to be interested in News and Politics contents, with a 29.57% difference compared to the entire user base of Hong Kong. The target audience is less likely to be interested in Technology and Computing contents (18.19%).

Additionally, from the Persona Analysis, International Travel Planner show more interest in this sportswear ad campaign than the general Hong Kong population. The radar chart shows that 37.05% of the Hong Kong base are categorised as International Travel Planner versus 56.26% of ad clickers of the sportswear campaign belonging to this persona. The radar chart also indicates that Frequent Online Shoppers are 11.76% less likely to be interested in this sportswear ad campaign compared to the Hong Kong base. 

Actionable Insights

Here are a few insights concluded from the radar charts:

  • Marketers can use Hotmob custom audience targeting list and programmatic advertising to blast ad campaigns to specific groups of people. The custom audience list is created based on a variety of criteria, including taxonomies and personas, which will improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

  • Target travel-related portals or social platforms, such as MeetHKBravel and Flyday. By placing targeted ads on these websites that are attributed to “International Travel Planner” can increase the likelihood that the advertisers’ message will be noticed.

  • While the data shows that “Frequent Online Shoppers” may be less likely to click on the sportswear ad, it is important to recognize that this persona still represents a potentially valuable audience. There may be opportunities to engage them through other approaches.  For example, different ad creatives or messages can be tested to see the results.

What can you get from the AudSec Campaign Audience Analysis Report?

There are more insights which you can discover from the AudSec Campaign Audience Analysis Report, like the following word cloud chart showing various searched keywords that the ad clickers are interested in, as well as the net worth distribution of the target audience versus the entire user base of Hong Kong.

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About AudSec

The purpose of AudSec is to provide clients with the opportunity to open up their audience and peek into their customers’ behaviour to extract insights.

Once a client can Identify, Deploy, Test different audiences and attribute values to them, it drives a mass of new opportunities, Advertisers, Publishers, Agencies, from Sales to CRM to PR all sectors are all able to benefit from AudSec Insights.