Explore Potential Audiences Determined by Persona and Taxonomy Analysis

October 25, 2022 

After spending much effort and online advertising budget in an attempt to reach their potential audiences but often there are still many marketers based on a platform’s traffic volume or to rely on their instincts, which often do not truly reveal who they wanted to target.

The truth is, most marketers don’t realize that they can identify and reach out to their potential audience through a spectrum of audience persona and interests. Before getting on to why and how it should be done properly, let’s take a look at some highlights incorporated with an audience intent analysis of the web persona and web taxonomy of a few popular local platforms.

Hong Kong Movie 香港電影  is one of the largest movie communities in Hong Kong where millions of users purchase movie tickets and browse a comprehensive range of movie information from the platform. 

One might reckon that the platform targets solely the movie goers, in fact the audience can be further broken down into different personas and taxonomies generated below. Would any of the following potential audiences be who you have been searching for? 

Highlights from Hong Kong Movie

  • After the reopening of most cinemas in April 2022, it is observed that there was a long-suppressed urge to watch movies and ticket sales through the Hong Kong Movie app recorded a 25% increase compared to January 2022 with social distancing restrictions in effect.

  • Most app users would prefer to buy movie tickets 3-4 days in advance for family genre movies and iMAX movies.

Insights for Marketers

  • Given that the majority of the audience of Hong Kong Movie are generally independent decision-makers of families with higher incomes, hence it would be easier for marketers to target households with young families or any family-oriented financial products and services.

  • Since a large part of the audience is facing career changes, life insurance, marriage and financing contents would typically motivate this group to consider and plan ahead about their next stages of life.

Web Persona Analysis

Highlights of audience analysis of the web persona of Hong Kong Movie:

  1. Newly Weds

  2. Career Changing

  3. Parents - Pregnant

  4. SME Owners

  5. Household Decision Maker

Generally speaking, the majority of the audience of Hong Kong Movie not only comes from young families but a combination of “SME Owners” and “Household Decision Maker”. Given the web persona analysis, it is expected that the majority of Hong Kong Movie audiences are generally middle age and potentially have stable incomes. They are likely to spend more on entertainment and enjoy a better customer experience.

Web Taxonomy Analysis

Highlights of audience analysis of web taxonomy of Hong Kong Movie:

  1. Hobbies & Interests > Genealogy and Ancestry

  2. Family and Relationships > Parenting 

  3. Style & Fashion > Beauty

  4. News and Politics

  5. News and Politics >Crime

On the other hand, like Timable, this audience group is also interested in the British Royal Family but they also have a high propensity for Korean or Japanese news as well. According to topic preference, the death of Shinzo Abe (安倍晉三) is also one of the news that they are concerned about most.

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Timable is an online event listing platform in Hong Kong, consisting of websites and mobile apps. The platform covers all happenings in Hong Kong, from popular to indie ones, like festivals, music, arts, exhibitions and family events. Marketers might think the platform projects to event lovers only, apparently, it is not as it seems.

Highlights from Timable

  • The period with the highest maximum monthly search volume in 2021 is around Mother's Day compared with Christmas or Easter. It is in line with the web persona analysis, in which the target audience is mostly young families.

Insights for Marketers

  • Marketers can take opportunities to place more promotions during the Mother’s Day period or to promote parental products or services since the platform traffic will be higher at that time and young families are the audience group that Timable is concerned about most.

Web Persona Analysis

According to the web persona comparison of Timable, it is discovered that its audience spread into different life stages with high intention in the following:

  1. Career Changing

  2. Newlyweds

  3. Parents - Pregnant

  4. High-end Luxury

  5. International Travel Planning

In simple terms, its audiences are potentially millennials, including young families and couples. Besides event lovers, they have a high propensity to spend on shopping and travelling items.

 Web Taxonomy Analysis

From the web taxonomy comparison of Timable, it is identified that most audiences are connected to contents or topics that are associated with:

  1. Hobbies & Interests > Genealogy and Ancestry

  2. Family and Relationships > Parenting 

  3. News and Politics

  4. Religion & Spirituality > Christian

  5. Events and Attractions > Political Events

In accordance with the audience persona, these groups of audiences are interested in parenting-related content as most of them are young families.

Another highlight about the web taxonomy of Timable is that most of its audiences have a high propensity for content like “Genealogy and Ancestry”, “Religion - Christian” and “Political Events”, which is reflected by their reading behaviours on news regarding the British Royal Family, as well as a high volume of searches had been tracked during the period of the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth.

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Embraced by millions of members, Storellet has become one of the most favourable membership and rewards-to-go platforms. Owing to its user-friendly design, Storellet provides hundreds of merchants versatile business solutions, plus an attractive marketing strategy which motivates members to repeat purchases through upfront incentives and earning points. Marketers not only can target potential customers through Storellet but can also connect with other business partners such as SME and F&B vendors.

As the first platform’s name suggests, marketers might assume that most users of Storellet must be penny wise and pound foolish, but our findings from the below Storellet’s audience analysis could blow your mind. See it for yourself.

Highlights from Storellet

  • A member of Storellet has visited more than 90 times across 6 branches of a hotpot chain restaurant since Apr 2021 and that total spending reached more than HK$50,000 of which 35% of the transactions used coupons offered by Storellet.

Insights for Marketers

  • Storellet takes its conversations with members through a circular consumption model by rewarding points to members whenever they consumed and they get more offers in return. Hence marketers can take advantage of complementary marketing (互補營銷) and place promotions via Storellet platform. For instance, cross-selling coke drinks to complement hotpot dining.

  • How does it work? Simply by drawing a customer journey for your target audience and blast push notifications within Storellet. For example, a notification with a coupon or redemption code will be sent to a member when a transaction has been placed at a fried chicken restaurant. This way can also help evaluate conversion rate.

Web Persona Analysis

Highlights of audience analysis of the web persona of Storellet:

  1. Career Changing

  2. Parents - Pregnant

  3. Emigration Planner

  4. High-End Luxury

  5. SME Owners

Web Taxonomy Analysis

Highlights of audience analysis of web taxonomy of Storellet:

  1. Hobbies & Interests > Genealogy and Ancestry

  2. Family and Relationships > Parenting 

  3. Family and Relationships 

  4. Style & Fashion > Beauty

  5. Religion & Spirituality > Christian

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Summary for the Analysis

Overall, there are several commonalities between the users of the three platforms. As most users are young families and newly wed, and that they are also interested in the breaking news of “the death of Queen Elizabeth”, thus it can be assumed that most of them are born before 1997. Besides, a majority of the users already have kids or just married, which means that they are financially stable and could foresee that they have strong purchasing power. Hence it would be easier for marketers to reach these groups of audience via these platforms.

Key Takeaway for Marketers

As a result, what most marketers assume towards each web or app platform might not provide a deep understanding of the potential audience they wish to target. Hotmob can provide a thorough audience analysis of any web or app platforms to enable marketers to reach their potential audiences.

Drop us a line and let us know who your potential audience are.