A Data Lake Makes Sense

October 27, 2021

In 2021, a research shows a shift in priorities of data analysis and business intelligence from 42% to 55%.  The demand on these resources and attention shall grow respectively.  When starting from zero, those IT professionals may think of a way to start “DATA”, even if you discover lots of data points inside or around your business.  You have no clues on how to manage it effectively, not to mention how to utilize it.  Thus, DATA LAKE is definitely a top priority for you to understand.


It is a fact that the data volume generated and collected to any organization is growing exponentially.  The size can no longer be handled by spreadsheet-driven analysis and storage.  It’s not only about storage issues but the processing capabilities. We cannot afford any missing data, or inaccurate processing but a smart and efficient way to manage any data collected is a must.


Let’s summarize the key benefits in using Data Lake.

1.  All in One

Probably you may understand that we have different data sources from different time intervals, such as CRM or digital devices.  A data lake helps to aggregate those data points into one and refrain from any issue arising from data loss or human errors.

2.  Fast Access

Data is stored in raw format and a data lake can provide a fast access and extract of required data set.  It provides timely practice for further usage.

3.  Cost Saving

For the data storage hierarchical model, a data lake can provide a scalable and cost saving way when the size grows.  It involves a short time change but not a few months adaptation.  It is especially true when the data size grows dramatically and can save lots of hardware and technology investment.

4.  Extra Analytic Tool

A data lake enables organizations to deploy sophisticated and more advanced analytical models.  It can be any machine learning, AI and various analytical tools.  Please remember a regular visit to the data lake performance and capabilities can help a longer lasting benefit to the company.