Showcase: Drive Website Visitors with Precise Audience Targeting

Ryukyu Kaiensai Fireworks Festival is a recent successful campaign driven by Hotmob’s Precise Audience Targeting solution. Since Japan is one of the most popular destinations to Hong Kong travelers, and that JNTO recorded over 2.2 million Hong Kong tourists visited Japan in 2018. Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) aimed to attract and drive more inbound tourists from Hong Kong to Okinawa by promoting Spring and Summer events.

Audience Targeting Strategy

Hotmob Japan helped OCVB to drive more visits to ‘Visit Okinawa Japan’ mobile site with precise targeting and offering extensive reach to Hong Kong audience via Alcanzar DSP.

Custom Audience was specifically created for segmentation and targeting enhancement prior to targeting. Hotmob’s Data Analytic team identified 1.2 million Hong Kong audiences with the intention to travel in the last 90 days based on machine learning algorithms.

Define Audience Segments

With this large audience pool, targeting segments can be broken down by in search of a destination. For instance, 65% of these audiences have searched for Japanese destinations and 22% searched for Okinawa specifically. Audiences can be further defined by the time of travel, such as audience traveled to Okinawa in the past 365 days.

Optimize Campaign with Retargeting

Retargeting was used to optimize the campaign result by retargeting audiences who have clicked the Banner Ad and those interacted with the Rich Media Interstitial Ad served via Hotmob’s Prime Ad Network.

Improve Awareness of Okinawa’s Events

With a precise targeting strategy in place and interactive ad creative to attract the audience’s interest, the overall campaign converted 7.4% of the total audience to ‘Visit Okinawa Japan’ mobile site.

Rich Media Video Ad Creative

Ad Format:
Rich Media Interstitial, Medium Mobile Banner, Mobile Leaderboard

Campaign Period:
5 Mar – 15 Mar 2019

PRIME Network, Alcanzar Network

Video Visuals Credit:
Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB)

Rich Media production:
Hotmob Multimedia