6 Proven Ways To Deliver A Better Customer Experience (Part 2)

According to a recent research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 50% of surveyed business leaders considered that improving customer experience (CX) is a strategic priority for their businesses. However, not all of them perform well in it. In this article, 6 proven ways are suggested for brands to incorporate in their marketing strategies for delivering better customer experience.

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4. Shifting to a customer-centric approach

Companies with competitive customer experience recognize how to utilize and analyze collected customer data to provide them insights and help improve customer experience. For example, Netflix offers family account and each member can have their own profile. Depending on the type of content they saw before, Netflix algorithms recommend relevant movies and show users which kind they would probably interested in.

Speaking of which, Hotmob established a big data hub ‘DARTS’ and curated over 13 million unique mobile devices ID, or often called IDFA for iOS (Identifier for Advertising) and AAID (Google Advertising ID) which allow developers and marketers to track user activity for advertising purposes. They are used to run remarketing campaigns and call for inventory bid requests.

5. Making use of data-driven insight

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the forefront at creating a better customer experience. Imagining a customer surfs on the Internet and looks for a package deal for her next vacation. Wouldn’t it be smart to have a chatbot interact with customers and assist the customer to make a buying decision? Not only that brand is able to shorten the response times to customer’s inquiry, yet chatbot can smartly detect if a customer get confused and then pass on the inquiry to a live customer support representative.

6. Breaking down the silos and connect the dots of the customer journey

Marketing is more than just communicating the brands with customers. Marketing can optimise the customer experience by breaking down silos and connect the dots across all customer-facing functions of a company. Marketers should take charge of the customer experience and steer the company toward delivering real value to the customer experience.